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Activity Tree

Get little hands moving with this fantastic activity tree . The tree is sturdy and vibrant with diff..

Create Your Own Baguette

Wooden:baguette, 2 ham , 2 purple onion,1 tomato, 2 cucumber felt: 1 cheese, 2 carrot,2 lettuce,6 ca..

Create Your Own Sandwich

Wooden: 2 sandwich,2 ham, egg, tomato,2 purple onion,2 cucumber. felt:1cheese,2 lettce,6 capsicum. T..

Create Your Own Sandwich

Wooden: sausage, bread roll felt: 2 lettuce,cheese, 2 strips of tomato, mustard sauce, 6 capsicum. T..

Fishing Game Set in Tin

Go Fishing for these wooden sea creatures and magnet fishing rods!This game will keep the kids enter..

Frog Xylophone

Enjoy the magic of the classic xylophone transformed into this unique design. Quality made from..

Rolling Cars

Wooden Rolling Cars slide intriguingly through the wooden stand. Complete with 2 single red cars and..

Safari Bus Shape Sorter

A well made safari bus. Painted with bright non toxic paint. Comes complete with jungle animals and&..

Tool Belt

What every young boy wants... A colourful tool belt with wooden tools... It's a little boys dream. N..


The Xylophone is popular with music educators to assist children's musical development.This beautifu..
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